4 Exposed to Toxic Chemicals in Kentucky Barge Accident

Four Ohio River barge workers were hospitalized last week after they were exposed to a toxic chemical in northeastern Kentucky. Three of the employees of Nashville-based Ingram Barge Co. were performing maintenance on the empty barge on the Ohio River near Huntington when they were exposed to methyl methacrylate (MMA) fumes upon opening a hatch. […]

Bike Helmet Technologies That May Save Your Life

Everyone knows that a bike helmet can make all the difference in a crash, protecting your head from fatal or life-altering injuries. What you don’t know is that some bike helmet technologies are a bigger hindrance than anything else. If you’re looking for a new helmet and want to know more about innovative bike helmet […]

Motorcycle Accident Rates Continue to Climb

Motorcycles have tremendous appeal in an era when gas prices are high, as they have been for some time. However, a recent study released by the Governors Highway Safety Association reports on a trend in the number of motorcyclist deaths occurring each year. The statistics are alarming. Dr. James Hedlund, an employee from Highway Safety […]

Risks of Toxic Exposure in Welding Jobs

Many careers are accompanied with the risk of potential hazards and injury. Welding, in particular, can lend itself to some serious risks due to the constant exposure to heat and synthetic materials. Recently, Scottish comedian and movie actor Billy Connolly was diagnosed with the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. Connolly worked as a welder in […]

Oil Bombs on Our Nation’s Rails

There are as many as 20 billion barrels of oil in the Bakken fields of North Dakota, Montana and their Canadian neighbors – much of which is now recoverable with hydraulic fracturing technology. But the technology for transporting this oil has not kept up with production. Over the last five years, oil transport via rail […]

Toxic Encephalopathy: Are You At Risk?

There are many occupational risks for individuals who work on railroads, and one of the most common of these is toxic encephalopathy. Also known as chronic solvent encephalopathy, toxic encephalopathy is a degenerative neurological condition that can lead to memory loss, impaired or loss of vision, and altered mental status, among other symptoms.

Avoiding Collisions with Deer

You don’t have to spend much time driving in Georgia to know that collisions with deer on the road are common. And Georgia’s not the only state with this problem. As deer populations rise dramatically, collisions have inevitably become common as well - over 1.5 million accidents involving deer every year in the United States. When […]

Chemical Spill in West Virginia Affects 300,000

About 300,000 residents in southwest West Virginia have been told not to use their tap water after a chemical spill leached into the Elk River on January 9.

Personal Injury Attorney W. Winston Briggs Comments on the December 30th Rail Crash and Fire in Casselton, North Dakota

Initial reports from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on the December 30th rail crash and fire in Casselton, ND have begun to outline what happened when a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train carrying crude oil collided with a derailed rail car and exploded.

Massive Railway Fire in Casselton, ND

The wreck of two trains yesterday near Casselton, ND has resulted in a massive, oil-fueled fire that can be seen in Fargo, 25 miles away. Because of its immensity, firefighters have been forced to let the fire die out on its own. They have estimated it will take at least 12 hours to do so. In […]